Is it Legal to Sell Resale Concert Tickets Online?

resale concert tickets

You may be wondering if resale concert tickets are legal to sell on the internet. If yes, then you’re not all alone. Brokers of tickets are always looking for ways to earn money. A lot of them offer concert tickets at resales price. Selling tickets can attract an enormous audience and bring in significant profits. Before you begin this industry, there are few important aspects to be aware of.

Selling resale concert tickets

Reselling concert tickets for resales is an excellent method to earn additional money while enjoying your favorite concert. While the price of the tickets are usually lower than what they actually cost, it’s important to consider the additional fees charged by the buyers. There are numerous ways to achieve this. Below are some helpful tips to consider when selling your tickets. Once you have listed your tickets, you should post them on social networks and ensure that they’re properly advertised on your site.

Asking about the disposable income of your crowd will allow you to determine the cost of tickets. Usually, middle-aged people are more financially stable than college students. Tickets can be sold for shows with traditional rock bands, such as opera, or Rod Stewart. You may also sell tickets to a concert , if it’s the last concert of a well-known band. Classic rock concerts are in popular with scalpers and generate a substantial profit.

To sell your tickets visit the official Ticketmaster website and click the “Ticket Your Event” link. This will take you to a page where you can provide information regarding the event. Input the number of tickets along with any notes on the ticket. After you’ve entered all information then click the “Submit” button. The seller will be sent an email to confirm the purchase and the payment of the tickets.

Weekends are the best times to sell tickets for concerts. The crowd is more likely to be in demand. Make sure you choose weekends instead of weekdays because the latter are generally more popular. This will boost your earnings as well as free up your time. You can also sell tickets at your local venue via Craigslist or eBay. Keep in mind that StubHub has more commission than other alternatives.

Similar to any other type of ticket sale, reselling concert tickets can become a lucrative business. It’s possible that the concert will not get the hype that it was meant to generate, or it could get cancelled for any possible reason, like poor public relations from the artist’s team or even severe weather conditions. Before you set up an account on a resale website to sell your tickets be sure to read the conditions and is megaseats safe terms. Some of these sites do not even include mediators, so it is essential to read them thoroughly.

Besides choosing the right ticket agent, you have to ensure you are getting the best cost for the tickets. A lot of brokers do not provide mediation services and aren’t successful in selling tickets as fast as you would prefer. However, there are some advantages to selling tickets through a broker. The transaction has to be legal, providing it adheres to the laws of protection for consumers. This will give you the best possibility of earning profits from the resales of concert tickets.


It’s not just you contemplating whether it’s legal to sell concert tickets. Reselling concert tickets is a delicate issue. Although the FTC has required ticket resale businesses name their customers and to disclose any surcharges or fees However, it hasn’t stopped a few brokers from selling tickets to concerts for profits. Some venues have barred ticket holders from entering the premises.

Federal law bans ticket bots. These computer programs can purchase hundreds of tickets in the span of a few seconds of a show’s ending. Some ticket bots will mark tickets up three times higher than their original price when they’re resold on resale sites. This has caused lots of anger for customers, who may blame scalpers for selling tickets. But scalping bots aren’t legally enforceable thanks to the Better Online Ticket Sales Act.

A lot of states don’t have stringent laws on ticket reselling, however, there are some exceptions. Alabama is one instance. You need to show proof that you bought tickets for less price than that originally advertised. Rhode Island’s ticket resale laws may cause problems. It is not possible to sell tickets for greater than three times the cost of the original. There are a handful of the states that have regulations regarding ticket resales.

It’s never safe to buy tickets from an online scalper. It can be difficult to verify that the tickets you buy are genuine. You might also discover that tickets aren’t valid. Another thing to take into consideration when buying tickets from scalpers are: It is essential to read the policies of the venue in relation to tickets resales.

In addition, you must be aware of ticket selling laws in your state. For instance in New York, scalping is illegal if you sell a ticket at more than 10 percent of its initial price. In New Jersey, reselling a ticket that is priced higher than three dollars is against the law. And reselling concert tickets is not a good business choice for many. There is a chance that you will have to pay a fine of up three times the original cost.

Websites that offer resales of tickets to concert tickets

Although there are many websites which allow you to resell concert tickets, Ticketmaster is the most popular. The site lets you sell your concert tickets for only a fraction of the value that is an incredible benefit for you. Online classifieds are a great option if you’re looking for cheap tickets. They don’t charge sellers the same amount as their counterparts do for listing their products, which can make them more inclined to sell tickets at a lower price.

Tickets on sale are an excellent opportunity to buy more expensive concert tickets. They’re more close to the stage and typically come with VIP benefits. They can be resold and could earn you some cash. Brokers make up a significant part of these fan clubs. A lot of acts will reserve a certain percentage of their tickets for sale by them. Brokers stand to lose and have the most time.

The largest and most well-known ticket-selling site. It has been operating for many years and offers the buyer a guarantee. Certain sites are focused on concert tickets, while others cater to many different types of events. Tickets for concerts are available at Live Nation and TicketMaster, however if you’re an avid fan of particular genres, you may want to check websites that specialize in those tickets.

You may also search for sites that specialize in resales of tickets. They offer more tickets and better chances of finding buyers. It is also possible to earn a living selling tickets through their affiliate programs. You’ll also find great tickets at a cheaper price. There are many websites that offer cheaper prices than traditional ticket brokers which is why you should join one of the resale ticket websites.

VividSeats is another alternative. Its reward system has made it one of the top ticket-reselling sites. With the offer of the chance to win a concert ticket for frequent customers, you’ll getting a good bargain. The most well-known ticket-reselling website is Ticketmaster. It’s a fantastic option to score a fantastic bargain. However, be wary of sellers who are scams, since the possibility of purchasing duplicate or counterfeit tickets is high.

Gametime is another site which has a healthy market share, with 8percent of the sales on TiqAssist. The site has been serving customers and sellers since and is able to differentiate itself by providing a virtual buying experience, showing the view from the seats. Based on the cost of your tickets, you could expect to earn 10% of the price of your ticket. It is also possible to pay with PayPal, bank account, or Venmo.

SeatGeek is another site to take into consideration. It was initially an online ticket-resales site however, it has since grown to become the leading primary ticketing website in the world. SeatGeek is a ticketing site that sells tickets for sporting events, concerts tickets to theaters, concert merchandise and even lists of specific events happening in cities. It also serves as a search engine to find tickets, and locate the lowest price and most favorable seat positions. SeatGeek purchased FanSnap in 2007 and it is a famous resales site. SeatGeek uses a DealScore algorithm to find the lowest price in the market.